Bonser Ceramic Protective Coating

Bonser Ceramic Protective Coating

Bonser Ceramic Protective Coating

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Bonzer is a brand name for a durable and easy to apply range of Nano Ceramic Coatings for cars and motorcycles. It protects your car from light scratches and daily hazards ensuring that your priced possession looks new for years. Nano coating is one of the most important technology for the future. We have acknowledged this by introducing a new class of ceramic coatings that safely infuses the substrate with ceramic grade nano particles that is more durable than most other coatings in the market. 

As it is easy to apply, almost anyone can apply it onto their cars or offer the services to their customers at a fraction of the cost currently being offered at detailing centers. You don’t need special skills to deliver a stunning and professionally looking show piece.

The BONSER PPP 3 in 1 is RM390.00

Set of 3 bottles x 60 ml Nano Coating, 

- 1 x body nano coating, 

- 1 x wind shield nano coating

- 1 x leather/plastic nano coating

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